PowerPoint is one of the most popular presentation tools on the market today and is widely used at CBS. On this page we will provide inspiration on how to use PowerPoint in your teaching.

The Slide Rules

Better, more conscious use of slideware is one of the easiest improvements we can make to our teaching - and it is a change which is fulfilling in itself. Together with Mads Højlyng, external lecturer here at CBS, we have produced this article about The Slide Rules. In which we also offer a workshop.

"Death by Powerpoint"

Despite the millions of presentations performed every day, many PowerPoint presentations tend to be uninspiring, leading to what some people call 'Death by PowerPoint'.

Play the video and be introduced to how to build an inspiring PowerPoint presentation:

Templates and Visuals

If the standard templates in PowerPoint are insufficient for your needs, you can find more online by a simple search on Google. 

The CBS communications department has also created an official template following CBS's visual design guidelines. You can download it from Share.

Garr Reynolds maintains an extensive blog on how to approach visual presentation including the use of PowerPoint

ComputerHope introduces various databases from which you can search and download free public domain images


Please do not hesitate to contact Ulla Bergen for technical and pedagogical support:



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