Peergrade is an online platform to facilitate peer assessment with your students.

Why use Peergrade?

Fully customizable

The rubric editor makes it easy to create and change rubrics that suit your needs. Also, you can decide whether students hand in individually or in groups, how many each student must evaluate and many more custom settings.


Research shows that the learning potential of evaluating your own work is extremely high. Adding self-evaluation is as simple as the click of a button.

Fair feedback

It’s important that students feel safe in the process of peer assessment. With Peergrade students can easily mark feedback for moderation by a teacher or teaching assistant.

Data-driven insights

The platform provides you with data for insight, like reports on student performances, quality of rubrics and evaluation insights.

Live sessions

It’s pretty much like it sounds. Teachers can let students give each other feedback in class with no messy deadlines or even logging on the platform.

Live support

Getting up and running should not take more than 5 minutes. If you need support, you can always live chat with the people behind peergrade.

How it works

Step 1

You create an assignment, specify your evaluation criteria and open the assignment for hand-in.

Step 2

Students hand in their work, e.g. a Word document, PDF or video.

Step 3

Hand-ins are distributed automatically among students, ensuring everybody will get feedback.

Step 4

Students evaluate the hand-ins assigned to them by using the evaluation rubric.

Step 5

Students receive and view all the feedback given to their work and give feedback on it

Step 6

As a teacher you get the complete overview of the quality of assignments and what feedback was given.

Peergrade Introduction Video

Learn more

Peergrade is an externally hosted digital tool. This means it is mainly Peergrade's own staff who will assist you while using Peergrade in your teaching.

Live chat

Log on to the platform and live chat with the people behind Peergrade

Help Center

Visit Peergrade's Help Center for articles on best practices or how to set up your first course


Visit Peergrade's YouTube channel to be guided step by step

CBS-specific tips & tricks

We have created a Canvas project room which easily gives you an overview of Peergrade, tips & tricks and how to get started.


Please do not hesitate to contact Ulla Bergen for technical and pedagogical support:

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