Negotiation Game is a simulation of a workplace negotiation to be carried out by the students in the classroom.

The game is suitable for all courses that include teaching on negotiation and negotiation theory and has been played in several bachelor classes at CBS.

How to play the game

Negotiation Game consists of the following elements:


Description of the company, the three employees and heat maps of the way the professional groups move around in the office.

Game Kit

Each kit includes lay-out of the office floor, role cards for the three negotiators and a situation description


Three students will take on the roles of three employees and carry out a negotiation as authentically as possible

1 hour

The duration of the in-class instruction, negotiation and feedback to the class is approximately 1 hour


The rest of the class will be watching the different negotiations be carried out by their fellow students

The Case

“A new CEO has picked another office for himself than that of his predecessor. As a result, the entire office plan must be revisited and the CEO asks the employees to find out who will be sitting where in which office„

See more information on the case in Casemaker

To provide realism and to allow the students to prepare at home for the negotiation game, a case setting has been developed. The case setting can be acquired through accessing the case in Casemaker. Simply register as a teacher at here and go to the case database and locate the case "Negotiation of office space in an IT company"

Get started

Simply contact super users for loan of game kit:Christian Poulsen,
Marieke Buss,


For pedagogical support, do not hesitate to contact Teaching & Learning:

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