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What is an instructor at CBS?


The general definition

An instructor at CBS is a bachelor/master student who is hired as a part time teacher limited period (DVIP).

The practical definition

An instructor is a student who provides teaching/pedagogical services to other students. The specific educational tasks and responsibilites of instructors varies across CBS. Usually, instructors act as exercise teachers who either teach their own classes or assist other teachers in their classes. However, some instructors also act as supervisors and counsellors in "study cafés".

The common names for instructors

Instruktor (Danish legal name), student instructor, student teacher, studenterunderviser, instruktør, øvelseslærer, exercise teacher, hjælpelærer, tutor, TA/teaching assistant (different DVIP category)


Have you heard about the new

Instructor course?

The course is the result of a coordinated effort to increase the value of instructors at CBS as a teaching resource.

On completion of the course, instructors will be able to:

  • Reflect on pedagogical and didactical dimensions of teaching and facilitating exercise classes
  • Have tools and theories to plan their exercise classes after
  • Be inspired and motivated to carry out and succeed with their tasks as instructors

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Instructors have a proximity and like-mindedness with students, which can constitute significant pedagogical advantages.

A survey performed by Teaching & Learning in 2018 indicates that 92% of the students at CBS find it valuable to have instructors in their courses. Download the survey here. 

Pedagogical advantages

Based on collaboration with relevant stakeholders (Instructors, students, fellow teachers, course coordinators, management and pedagogical consultants from CBS and other Danish universities), here are some examples of the pedagogical strengths of using instructors.

Informal language

Since instructors are more likely to speak in a informal language, their explanations and guidance are easy for students to understand.

Understand students

Instructors have a good understanding of the challenges and learning barriers students might experience, because they have recently experienced them themselves.

Easy to approach

Instructors are easy to approach, because they are able to create a confidential, comfortable atmosphere allowing students to ask ‘stupid questions’.

Role models

As peers, students can relate and even look up to instructors.

Relate to student life

Instructors are able to relate course learning to the everyday life of students.

Relate to programme

Instructors are able to put a course and its’ learning into the context of a programme, having gone through it themselves recently.

Exam orientation

Instructors can relate course content to the exam, as they have recently been examinees themselves. This may result in a cognitive ease for many exam-oriented, anxious students.

High energy

Instructors are very motivated and show that motivation by adding a lot of energy and enthusiasm to a course that often rubs off on students.


Instructors can provide course coordinators with valuable feedback – both their own and feedback from students.

Teaching tasks

Often, it is not very clear what Instructors are supposed to do and are even able to do, when they are put in the Instructor position. Therefore, it is a good idea to have an explicit, initial agreement on the instructor’s teaching tasks.

Firstly, It is recommended that the teaching tasks assigned to instructors are based on a consideration of their pedagogical strengths and advantages – such as the ones listed above.

Secondly, it is important to remind instructors, that they are not lecturers. They need to remember, that if they are asked about course curriculum, and they are not entirely sure of the answer, the questions need to be directed to the lecturers.  ​

Last but not least, many instructors use their breaks and spare time answering student questions. Since this is not included in their job description, instructors should be reminded that they are not required to do so. ​

CBS' guideline to instructor teaching tasks

The guidelines from CBS are (reference), that instructors can take on the following teaching tasks with dependent on agreement with their course coordinator:

  • Design of exercises based on course material
  • Facilitation and review of exercises
  • Help and supervision in solving exercises/assignments 
  • Feedback to students on submitted exercises/assignments that are not exam assignments and ECTS valid
  • Facilitation of dialogue about course material
  • Supervision of projects


Here are some short recormmendations for the continuous professionel development of CBS instructors.


Introduction Course

Encourage your instructor to sign up for the "Introduction Course for CBS Instructors". Go to the course catalogue by clicking the wrench icon above.

Other courses

Consider the range of courses and workshops from the Teaching and Learning course catalogue.


Encourage instructors to engage in self-training. On this website, there is a vast pool of pedagogical litterature, recommendations and tools to dive into. Go to "Best Practices" to discover the litterature.

Usefull litterature for inspiration

Buy the book "Effektiv Holdundervisning" or borrow a copy from Teaching and Learning. The book provides a range of different teaching tools and exercise ideas to in-class teaching.


Work closely with your instructor to ensure allignment between your work. Book several meetings througout each semester for continious coordination and evaluation.

Learn more

Learn more about recruitment of CBS instructors here.


Personal support

For any questions regarding CBS instructors please do not hesitate to contact Teaching and Learning. 

Personal support: 

Nina Rathlev Henriksen

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