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Want to try a new feedback tool? CBS is looking for teachers to participate in a pilot on the tools from FeedbackFruits 

CBS is piloting FeedbackFruits to explore the benefits of FeedbackFruits for supporting interactivity, collaboration and feedback.  FeedbackFruits has been implemented on CBS Canvas and is hereby available to all teachers until the conclusion of the pilot by fall 2021. Teaching & Learning is looking for teachers who would like to join the pilot and try out FeedbackFruits. 

What is FeedbackFruits?

FeedbackFruits is a set of tools integrated in Canvas that allows students to share their work, collaborate and provide feedback, and gives a platform for teachers to also provide feedback and allow for student interaction and collaboration.  

Overview of the LMS Tool Suite:

Peer feedbackActivating study materialInteractive classroomsDiscussions

Assignment Review

Interactive Audio

Interactive Presentation

Discussion Assignment

Group Member Evulation

Interactive Document

Peer Review

Interactive Video

Skill Review


What are the benefits of FeedbackFruits?

By letting students answer questions, students can learn to think critically about the content as they are consuming

The tools help support different types of interaction, which are essential for online learning, including student-content interaction, student-student interaction and student-teacher interaction

The tools support personalized education: Students can learn and contribute within their own time, place and pace

By lettings students contribute to discussion threads which stimulates social learning when asking questions to peers and explaining concepts to each other


Want to get started using FeedbackFruits?

If you want to get started using the tools from FeedbackFruits, do one of the following:

1) Go directly to a CBS Canvas course and try out the new tools for yourself
2) If you would like to join the pilot, please send an e-mail to Søren Baltzer Rasmussen at, where you will be guided on how to access the tool(s) in your course and be provided with basic training and support.