Supervision of masters’ thesis – (Taught in Danish) – on campus)

Target group

  • Everybody who supervise/are going to supervise master’s theses at CBS.

  • This course is mandatory for external lecturers.

  • Other master’s thesis supervisors who wish to learn more about thesis supervision are welcome.

Course content

On the course you will learn about:

  • Supervisor types and supervision models: Insights from the research on thesis supervision in Denmark

  • Dialogue and types of feedback: Supervisor’s considerations and students’ needs

  • Practical tools in thesis supervision

  • CBS’ thesis rules from a supervisor’s perspective

The course consists of an online part.

Teaching assistants (authorized to supervise master’s theses)  and external lecturers will get 3.5 Prophix hours registered after participation. Teaching & Learning will do the registration.


After participating in the course you will have:

  • Research-based knowledge about thesis supervision/Danish “vejledning”

  • Knowledge about the effect of supervision and vejledning for the students

  • Ability to choose the right kind of supervisor approach

  • Insight into the use of tools in supervision

  • Increased professional expertise in supervision

Registration deadline

3 February 2023

Fee (external participants):

2000 DKK


Feb 10 2023


9:00 am - 12:30 pm


Vibeke Ankersborg


Vibeke Ankersborg