Online Module in Oral Examination and Assessment

The course is specially designed for faculty with limited or no experience with oral examination, particularly:
• Junior staff
• New part-time staff
• International staff
Course Content
This self-paced course helps you qualify as an oral examiner in university education in Denmark, primarily bachelor’s and master’s level programs in social sciences, incl. business administration, and economics. The course is divided into five progressive sessions covering different aspects of the oral examination, incl. the importance of applying course learning objectives as a basis for assessing student performance, video-enactments of an ‘actual’ oral examination, rules and norms in conducting exams, using academic and professional judgment in the exam situation, and references to documentary material regarding oral exams.

After taking the course participants will be able to:

• Identify and enforce central rules and regulations on how to conduct exams, incl. deliberation and decision on, and communication of, grades
• Apply norms and judgement regarding the interpretation of rules and regulations
• Manage the interaction with students and external examiners in all phases of an oral examination
• Focus on the application of exam learning objectives as the basis for assessing student performance

APP Days
This course counts towards 1/2 APP days.


Jan 01 2022 - Dec 31 2025


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