Diversity and Power: An Experiential Learning Process

In this course, teachers will themselves be participants of an experiential and interactive learning process that leverages the group dynamics as content for reflection. The course uses a democracy education method from the NGO sector that encourages the diversity of the group to emerge. Through activities around identity, decision-making, competition and collaboration, teachers get to reflect on the group’s ability to engage in a democratic process. They also get the opportunity to reflect on how they react to the tension inherent to this type of learning. The ‘learning by doing’ philosophy underlying this course means that teachers will then be able to allow such learning moments in their classrooms, not shying away from the discomfort characteristic to such a reflexive form of learning.   

By participating in this course, you will: 

  • Get an opportunity to reflect on your own ability to be in tension and uncertainty 

  • Get ideas for how to engage your students in an experiential learning process 

  • Raise your awareness on group and power dynamics that affect learning which will enable you to bring those perspectives to the classroom. 

  • Experience an innovative learning method that stimulates participation

Target group

Teachers and staff interested in facilitating experiential learning activities that include a diversity of perspectives as the portal to the learning.

Registration deadline

6 June 2023