Creative Studio education is student centered. It invites students to co-create the learning experience with instructors and to construct knowledge in teams, through peer-to-peer interaction. Often Creative Studio teaching has a generative focus: how to make a business model; how to design a new product; how to make a strategy; how to make a marketing campaign etc. Activities may include engaging in real-world innovation project for clients, and practicing business “craft” skills like communication and team work.

Potential ways to use the studio:


Basic teaching supplies kept in stock include:

Flip Charts
Whiteboards (permanent and rolling) & markers
Post-its & pens for brainstorming
Tape, scissors, paper
Computer/projectors in Room A for presentations
Coffee/tea is available to prepare in the kitchen

Please note that if you need any special materials or want to borrow Lego, please contact us in advance at studio@cbs.dk

How to book and use?

You can find more information on the CBS Studios in this manual

CBS Studio Manual
Campus Service

To book, please send an e-mail to lokaleadm@cbs.dk in order to make your booking through Campus Service.

Teaching & Learning

Please send an email to tl@cbs.dk if you want an introduction to Creative Studio through Teaching & Learning.

Academic Director of CBS Studios

If you want to find out if Creative Studio is suitable for your teaching, please contact studio director Bo T. Christensen at bc.marktg@cbs.dk

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