Course design workshop

In this workshop, we shall present a step-by-step approach to course design that you can then put into practice either to redesign courses you are already teaching or to set up a new course. Some of the key topics are course design as an iterative process; alignment of learning outcomes, assessment and learning activities; and blended courses. We hope that this session will help you relate the core principles of course design to your teaching situation and offer a very practical pedagogical toolkit to facilitate your course planning.

After the workshop, we shall provide a series of resources that could be used to carry out the course (re)design process independently, as well as outline further support available from Teaching & Learning.

APP Days

This webinar does not count towards APP days.

Date and time

Friday, September 30th, 10:00 to 11:30.

Please sign up via the button below. The workshop will be delivered via Zoom (the link will be circulated to the registered participants nearer the time).


Varia Christie

Nuria Lopez