THE ONLY CONSTANT IN LIFE IS CHANGE”, said Greek Philosopher HERACLITUS and living in 2021 we all know that to be true.

But how do you navigate in constant change and global challenges? We all need tools to manage change – both personal and professional

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​“… Great experience. I really liked that there were students from so many different studies involved. It really broadened one’s view on things.”
(feedback from participant CHANGE’21 first cohort, June 2021)

In the Spring of 2021, CBS – together with Deloitte – launched a new extracurricular programme which challenged 64 students, companies and friends and build on all the tools that are needed to navigate in the constant change of life.

All the students who filled out the survey afterwards would recommend others to do the programme.

​​​​​​​We are now ready to enroll 64 new students for CHANGE’21 autumn edition. This time students from all Danish universities are encouraged to apply.

Read more below and apply here  before Sunday, 12 September 2021 at 23.59.


The programme runs for 7 weeks and the workload is about 10 hours a week on average – every week a new challenge where you will learn about,

  1. your personal competencies – the good and the bad – and how to work in teams,
  2. professional tools to manage change, come up with innovative and sustainable solutions relating to green and digital transition. You will also train your creativity and be introduced to entrepreneurship and carbon literacy,
  3. how to engage in networks to solve the biggest issues we are all facing.

    We are involving real life companies to test our new tools – the case competition format will be included in over half the sessions. This brings excitement, authenticity and sense of urgency to the programme.

    You can take advantage of the unique opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills you have gained during your studies at CBS.

    Are you a student with an interest in: Technology, HR, marketing, communications, finance, innovation, entrepreneurship, supply chain, sustainability or project management?

    We encourage students from all study programmes and all levels to apply.

    7 sessions in 7 weeks

    1. There is no ”I” in ”Teams” - team building (30/9 - 9-17)
    2. Get it? – argumentation and presentation (7/10 - 10-15.00)
    3. Innovation day– innovation and design thinking (DELOITTE & STATION) (14/10 - 9-17) Case solving
    4. Solving the right problem – How to tackle problems (CBS+Case Club) (28/10 17-21 AND 29/10 - 12-16)
    5. Getting it done – Change management (4/11 - 16.30-21)
    6. Carbon literacy certification (8/11 - 12-15)
    7. Final challenge – case solving (18/11) tba

    CHANGE’21 is a great learning journey with 7 fun, challenging and educational sessions. We promise that you will meet new people with other ideas, learn how to make mistakes with your head held high, meet professionals to enhance your network, get tools for future challenges in both work and personal life and finally a challenging experience of a lifetime. This semester we will also invite students from other Danish and Nordic universities to ensure as much diversity as possible.

    The 7 sessions will be taking place in Copenhagen. You will be assigned to a team (or more) throughout the programme. All team members must attend all sessions. Sessions will take place both during the daytime, sometimes in the evening and sometimes there will be tasks that have to be attended to between sessions. Most sessions will be physical on campus or on other venues in Copenhagen.

    Read more about the application process below in the FAQ.

    All formats and sessions are subject to change due to COVID-19 or other restrictions​.​

    Information meetings

    Bring along your questions and join us for an information meeting with Janie and Caroline to learn more.

    • Info meetings will be announced on Instagram @cbscaseteams

    FAQ (frequently asked questions)

    Will the programme run online or on campus?

    We all need change right now. We are tired of online classrooms and zoom meetings. We are counting on meeting on site for most of the programme.

    What’s in it for me?
    We want to give 64 students an upgraded toolbox and experiences that will make you even more fit for fight when you graduate. For undergraduate participants this might even make you a better student. We also want to make sure that teams are set up with the upmost diversity to empower you to work with different backgrounds: just like your future work life.

    This is our second round – when we evaluated our first cohort 100 % stated that they would recommend the program to others. We got a lot of feedback that we are trying to change and adapt to.

    During the programme you will meet and solve problems for at least 2 real life companies through case competition formats.

    When is the first session?
    The first of the seven sessions “There is no “I” in “Teams” is on Thursday, September 30.

    Do you have to attend all 7 sessions?
    Yes. Attendance is mandatory at all 7 sessions but of course, exams and important study related obligations are priority to us – we will find a way.

    What skills can I expect to gain at the end of CHANGE’21?
    As you can see from the programme above, we will touch on competencies relation to you as a person, your preferences and your team working skills. We will also focus on how to deal with and drive change – any change. Furthermore, we want to address real issues in the works including real companies with real issues while focusing on sustainability, digitalization and diversity.

    Who can apply?
    All students can apply. If you have questions please contact project lead, Janie Huus Tange, / +45 27622009

    Application process

    What GPA is expected for you to be considered?
    CHANGE’21 is here for you to keep focus on progress, process and self-development. We are not here to evaluate your grades. The grades are simply a formality, and we’d like to keep it that way.

    Where do I get more information? 
    We will host information meetings online prior to the application deadline in August. Check Instagram:

    When do I get an answer on my application?
    When you have submitted the application, which shouldn’t take you more than 30 minutes, your application confirmation will appear in the following window.

    The answer on your application will land directly in your inbox on no later than Wednesday September 15. 2021 – assessments will be on these days: (we will do rolling assessment as the applications come in)

    Monday Sep 6. 14.30 - 20.00 at PH26_408

    Monday Sep 13 14.30- 20.00 at PH26_408

    Please apply asap but before sep 12

    What must be included on my CV?

    Maximum 1 page. You must tailor your CV to the application and include a photograph.

    Date of birth only - do not include your civil registration number.

    What is asked for in the online application?
    Name, address, email address, date of birth, mobile number (the usual)
    Study programme
    Motivational essay
    CV and grade transcripts

    What is expected in the motivational essay?
    Keep it short and simple. Write no more than 800 characters with spaces – unless you find yourself immersed in the short essay. We would love to get to know you better.