CBS Studios

CBS Studios are learning spaces designed for active and student-centered learning. They invites students to co-create the learning experience with instructors and to construct knowledge in teams, through peer-to-peer interaction. Activities can for example include addressing a real-world innovation project for clients; engaging in simulations or role play exercises; and practicing business “craft” skills like communication and team work.

Please note that the Studios are designed for interactive and team-based teaching activities, and are not suitable as a space for lecturing.



A teaching facility ready to support team-based teaching

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Performance Studio

Designed for role-play, debates and workshops

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Creative Studio

Focuses on team-based active learning

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The course Business Studio Teaching and Learning is a 2-hour fully online and self-paced introductory course in which you will learn about the various forms a Business Studio can take, and how it compares with studios in other disciplines such as Art and Design. As you progress through the course you will discover what is ‘made’ in a Business Studio, the value of Business Studios for business and management education, and the vital role of creativity in the studio environment.



To support your learning, you will explore three key dimensions of a Business Studio and how they interact. These dimensions include the physical studio environment, tasks, and social interaction. This view of the learning environment will allow you to start thinking about how you might approach the design and facilitation of your own studio course.



Along the way you will find out how colleagues at the Copenhagen Business School, The University of Sydney Business School and other institutions have implemented studio pedagogy. This will give you some concrete examples of the kinds of projects students might engage in when learning in the studio environment. At the end of the course you will walk away with a conceptual framework and practical insights to help you develop a business studio course or module. Please send an e-mail to if you want to sign up for the course.