CBS is replacing CBSLearn with CBSCanvas in fall 2019.

Learn more about the implementation and features af CBSCanvas below.



Online Training



Online Course: How does it work?

All employees at CBS (VIP, DVIP, TAP) will get axcess (medio May) to an online course on CBSCanvas. The online course focus on the most important functions of the system. With this flexible course offer everyone can get started easily on their own. As a teacher you are automatically enrolled in online canvas training. You can find the course among your other courses in canvas on your dashboard.

How is the 0nline course structured?

The online course is built up by videos supplemented by step-by-step guides. The videos will consist of Canvas' own video guides combined with CBS specific productions. The CBS productions will be used whenever it seems relevant to apply a specific CBS perspective on the system, e.g. explaining how to export material from CBSLearn to CBSCanvas.


Workshops on CBS Campus



Workshop: How does it work?

There will be a range of workshops to go to on campus both before and after the summer vacation 2019. These workshops will - just like the online courses - focus on the most important functions and aspects in relation to run a course in CBSCanvas.


How is the Workshop structured?

The workshops will last for approximately two hours. The amount of participants on the workshops will vary between 5 to 20. Both VIPs and TAPs can sign up for these workshops. If teachers from the same department wish to participate in workshops together it must be arranged in cooperation with department management. Workshops are offered in both Danish and English. Webinars can be arranged for external lecturers.







How will CBS Canvas affect me?


Learn will be totally replaced by CBSCanvas. This means that you must learn how to use Canvas for the courses that you teach. All Learn courses from autumn 2018 and spring 2019 are automatically migrated from CBSLearn to an archive in CBSCanvas. It is important to view one's migrated courses to ensure that everything is as it should be before reusing them.


Enrollment of teachers to courses will still be done via CourseAdmin. If you perform tasks in Learn on behalf of teachers, e.g. upload of material or communication with students, CBS recommends you participate in workshops or online training.



Students must, just like the teachers - use CBSCanvas from fall 2019. New students will be introduced to CBSCanvas in the same way as they currently are to CBSLearn. For students, no Learn courses are migrated to CBSCanvas automatically. If a student wishes to save material from courses on CBSLearn, the individual student is responsible for downloading the content from CBSLearn.

When is learn discontinued?

CBSLearn is available for all students and employees at CBS until the end of August 2020.


What about my old content on Learn?


It is your own responsibility to download your project rooms and other old course content (produced before fall 2018) from CBSLearn and upload it to CBSCanvas.

The Background

Strategic goal
CBS has an ambition to continuously develop their teaching activities. This require the establishment of physical as well as digital environments supporting this strategy. A new LMS is an important digital support for this strategic goal.

New supplier
Moreover, it has been decided that operations and development tasks related to the new LMS are best managed by an external supplier whose cores business involves these tasks.

Do you want to know more about the supplier or other detailed about the implementation of CBSCanvas?

Click on the document below and read more.





The Canvas system brings along different benefits that suites a wide variety of users at CBS. If you are either a lecturer, part of the administration or student you can find some benefits of the Canvas system below.



E-portfolio for students.


Online chat at course level.

Mobile application

Mobile application for both teachers and students.


With rubrics for feedback and quick assessements of papers.


New communication possibilites between teacher and student.

User friendliness

E.g. in relation to the organisation of courses and communication.

Data and analysis

Proper access to data and analysis about the use of the system at course level.

Canvas Commons

Allows for the possibility to share courses and content across CBS and all Canvas users.

Seamless integrations

Into a number of learning tools, including Microsoft 365, Google Docs, Panopto, Pearson, Peergrade etc. (read more Docs, panopto and peergrade here at Teach).


If you want to read more about the functions in Canvas, and what is in the pipeline, you can visit Community.Canvas


Canvas overview


Through this video, you will learn the basics about navigating in Canvas.
You will also get information about how to manage your dashboard and sidebar.

Communication in Canvas


In this video you will learn how to communicate with students in Canvas
using announcements, conversations, gradebook and speedGrader.
You will also get information about how to manage your dashboard and sidebar.

Organizing material


Through this video you can get an insight in how to both create
and manage Moduels
in your course in Canvas.

Add files


View this video and achieve knowledge about how to
access and manage files in Canvas.

Quiz in Canvas


                            This video will guide you through how to create and manage quizzes
                             in a Canvas course. 

Assignments in Canvas


                                    In this video, you will learn about the Assignments Index page,
                                    assignment groups, and assignment creation in Canvas.

Personal support


For pedagogical support, please contact either

Ulla Bergen (

Anita Monty (

Thomas Rousing (


For technical support, please contact IT support

(+45) 3815 3715