Bing Chat Enterprise

We are delighted to announce that CBS has a license for Bing Chat Enterprise

CBS has an institutional license which means that all CBS staff can use Bing Chat Enterprise. Below you will find more information about the tool.

What is Bing Chat Enterprise

Bing Chat Enterprise is a chat service provided by Microsoft. It is built on OpenAI’s LLM (Large Language Model): GPT-4, and it allows you to ask questions, test assignments, get sparring and much more. When you communicate with it, Bing Chat Enterprise understands the context and you can refer to your previous questions and answers from the same chat thread. Bing Chat Enterprise has access to the internet so it can give you up-to-date information.

Why did CBS choose Bing Chat Enterprise

There are a lot of different AI models and services, and each has its own strengths and weaknesses. It is imperative to CBS, that the model we provide access to is GDPR compliant. This includes strict IT- and data security, who owns the data we put into the model, if the data will be used to further train the model etc. The only fully compliant solution so far is Bing Chat Enterprise.

At the same time, we acknowledge that CBS needs to provide a model so we can start experimenting, get experiences, and find out where and how it is meaningful to incorporate it into teaching. That is why Bing Chat Enterprise was chosen.

We recognise that AI tools evolve quickly, and so does our use case. We are monitoring development to see if new opportunities arise.

Who has access to Bing Chat Enterprise

All staff at CBS have access. This means that VIP, DVIP and TAP have access. CBS can unfortunately not provide access to Bing Chat Enterprise to students. This is due to a limitation from Microsoft. However, students are recommended to use the normal Bing chat, which will provide access to GPT-4 free of charge. If they want to do that, they need to have a Microsoft account to log in in order to unlock all the features such as image creation. The Microsoft account is not the same as their CBS account. When students use the normal Bing Chat or any other AI model they need to be aware of how the model is processing, saving and possibly using the data for training.

Although students don’t have access to Bing Chat Enterprise, we acknowledge the potential it has to provide students with a more customizable, inclusive and accessible learning experience. One example is, that it can be used as a personal tutor as seen with the Khan Academy Khanmigo AI Tutor which has gotten some attention from the media. We therefore continue to look for opportunities to also provide an AI platform/model to CBS students.

Can I put non-published information into Bing Chat Enterprise

Yes, you can. This is because the data we put into the model is our own. It does not get saved by Microsoft, nor is it used to train the model. As an example, non-published information can be exam questions, cases etc. If you are going to test exam questions, cases etc. please make sure that it is in compliance with the CBS data classification model. That means that they can not be sensitive according to the data classification model.

Want to get started

If you are a CBS staff please visit our Canvas tool support page. Here you will find relevant information on how you can use it in your teaching, how to prompt, which output you can get (tables, pictures, code etc.) and guides on how to get started.

Have questions or need help/sparring

If you have any questions, need help or want sparring on how to get started, please do not hesitate to contact us at

If you experience technical problems please contact the IT-Support on