CONTACT INFORMATION - Who should you contact from your department?

A support contact from Teaching & Learning has been assigned to each department. If you need help, please contact the relevant contact for your department. If you can not reach the relevant contact, please e-mail Teaching & Learning at

Department of Accounting (ACC):

  • Varia Christie - Research Assistant ( / +45 41 85 21 56)
  • Anita Monty - Consultant ( / +45 41 85 22 38)

Department of Digitalization (DIGI):

Department of Economics (ECON):

Department of Finance (FI):

Department of Economics, Government & Business (EGB):

Department of Management, Politics & Philosophy (MPP/LAW):

Department of Management, Society & Communication (MSC):

  • Ida Marie Malmkjær - Consultant ( / +45 41 85 22 42)

Department of Marketing (MARKTG):

Department of Operations Management (OM):

Department of Organization (IOA):

Department of Strategy & Innovation (SI):

Upcoming activities from T&L:


Podcasting (online) - Wednesday May 26th 10.00-11.00: Registration here


There are no upcoming webinars at the moment. You can watch recordings of previous webinars here (scroll to bottom of page).

Courses from Teaching & Learning's course catalogue
Designing Blended Learning from First Principles (online)


Seminar 1: Monday, 3rd of May 14:00 -16:00
Seminar 2: Monday, 17th of May, 14:00 -16:00
Seminar 3: Monday, 31st of May, 14:00 - 16:00
Seminar 4: Monday, 14th of June, 14:00 - 16:00

This course is for academics at any career stage and would suit best those who are presently engaged in designing/redesigning an actual blended or online course for delivery in the forthcoming semester(s). This course will be offered again in the next semester; please consider applying when you are developing an actual course.

Read more and sign up HERE.

From the theater to the classroom: An actor's perspective on teaching (online)

Date: Monday, June 7th, 09.00am-12.30pm

This course is about how to benefit from the Craft of Acting to develop your Personal Performance style. The main goal of the course is to show the path to feeling present, free, engaged and creating a mutual lively contact with your students and colleagues.

Read more and sign up HERE. 

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