The purpose of the strategic initiative Teaching Appreciation and Quality is to structurally increase the level of teaching quality at CBS, by improving CBS’s ability to identify teaching quality and by creating better incentives for good teaching. The strategy initiative comprises four sub-projects, these entail 1) The development of a CBS version of the Danish framework for advancing university pedagogy, 2) Designing pedagogical offerings that support faculty development, 3) Revising the concept for teaching evaluations at CBS, and 4) Creating a common CBS structure for teaching portfolios.   

The four projects will be addressed concurrently in a process designed to their interconnectivity. The aim is to support an agile development process where flexibility to obtained knowledge from the organization through consultative bodies and tests will be important. The unfolding of Teaching Appreciation and Quality will thus entail developing structures to support scientific staff in developing and qualifying their pedagogical competencies and to design formal ways in which scientific staff can collect evidence and document their practice and capabilities.  

Recognition of Teaching Quality

Continuous Development of Teaching Qualifications

Evaluation of Teaching Qualifications

Documentation of Teaching Qualifications